Commercial Swimming Pools.

Commercial Swimming Pools.

Commercial Swimming Pools

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HSI's Free Chlorine sensor uses the amperometric technique (PPM) and is ideally suited for use in swimming pools. Since many operators are accustomed to using ORP, the Swimming Pool Controller displays both ORP and PPM chlorine by default. The ORP method uses a patent pending method Rapid Response ORPTM prevents absorption of organics when high levels of cyanuric acid are present (see below).

It is a multi parameter sensor that  measures 5 parameters:

  • Free Chlorine
  • pH
  • Rapid Response ORPTM
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature

With these unique features:

  • Self-cleaning electrodes
  • Flow independent operation
  • Long life free chlorine sensor
  • Replaceable pH cartridge
  • Low maintenance
  • No reagents, electrolyte or membranes to replace