Wastewater Monitoring

Wastewater Treatment Plants


We are simplifying the monitoring process of ensuring your company complies with regulations before effluent waters get discharged into lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Our new Chlorine Analyzer improves your control and accuracy with far less maintenance.

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Patented Technology

Chlorine Analyzers

Halogen Systems chlorine sensor measures five parameters every minute: total residual oxidant (TRO), Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), pH, salinity, and temperature. These measurements pick up the changes in the water and allow the operators to compensate for the changes. As you know, the pH in freshwater can change drastically, so our sensor also uses the conductivity measurement to compensate for signal changes. The temperature sensor allows for the compensation of all the parameters from -2 °C to 35 °C. Because of this, our chlorine sensor can effectively operate and deliver accurate readings in virtually any water condition your facility may encounter.

Low Maintenance

Time Saving chlorine sensor

We use bare electrodes (HaloMP5™), eliminating the need to replace clogged membranes or replenish electrolyte required by conventional amperometric sensors. The result? Much lower maintenance requirements. Other amperometric sensors become inaccurate over time from the diluted electrolyte and require periodic sensor recalibration. Our sensor removes the need for this. Its self-cleaning feature is made with polymeric beads and abrade the electrodes to minimize biofouling and removes any calcium buildup. (SensiCLÉNE™)