Halogen deployment housings display

The MP5™ Chlorine Sensor Sets A New Standard

Halogen packaged the technology and systems developed for the MP5™ into a durable small footprint that can be used for multiple deployment types using the solution kits below or a custom solution for a specific deployment. 

Operators can choose a retractable wet-tap insertion kit, a PVC Tee solution, a control-board-mounted flow cell, or a submersible option. Because MP5™ is certified for NSF-61 installs, it can be deployed directly in drinking water pipes or tanks without needing a waste stream. Even the connection cable is certified for NSF-61 use. The MP5™NSF-61 chlorine analyzer approval provides operators with an online water quality analyzer that can measure at the source, not hundreds of feet away at a control board.

There are many additional reasons why a Halogen MP5™ sets a new standard for online chlorine analyzers. To find out more about the MP5™inline chlorine sensor, see the Detail and Technology pages or contact a representative.

Get more information on specific readymade online chlorine analyzer solutions and kits by following the links below.


Kit with flow-cell deployment (MKIT) and display controller along with a wall mounting plate,  provides a drop-in upfit sensor replacement.

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Battery power and remote telemetry for an MP5™ deployment. Use for outer grid monitoring, dead-ends, or other remote implementations.

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Leverage the dependability and low maintenance of the MP5™ for remote tank monitoring with battery power and remote telemetry.

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Retractable remover kit for MP5™ wet-tap analyzer (H1WT-P) in water pipes allows for maintenance without interrupting flows.

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This deployment uses a water-proofed low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P), a sourced boom and harness, or can simply be placed in a tank or trough.

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Combine a mid-flange MP5™ (H1MF-P) with an adapter sleeve—in PVC or Stainless steel—sized for deployments in a 2″ PVC tee.

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Fits low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P) and adapts for side stream and control board usage based on which flow cell type  is ordered. 

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Both 24V DC (DC20-L) and 120-240V AC (DC20-H) versions feature (4) 4-20 mA analog outputs, and an M-12 Connector, 3 relays, SD card. 

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MP5™ Technology and Benefits

SensiCLĒNE™ & Maintenance Intervals

Halogen’s patented self-cleaning technology scrubs the sensors and prevents build-up, lengthening maintenance intervals and decreasing calibration drift.

Stable Calibration Frees Up Staff

A typical chlorine sensor is finicky and requires lots of maintenance interaction. Halogen’s sensors arrive factory-calibrated and hold calibration for months. 

Flexible Installation & Deployments

Halogen’s sensors have a small footprint and require little in the way of maintenance, making them excellent choices for use in remote monitoring installations.