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Advanced Amperometric Chlorine Monitoring Technology

Founded in 2013, Halogen Systems, Inc. specializes in using Chlorine sensors to solve challenging problems in water monitoring. Proven in the tough environment of Ballast Water Management Systems for ocean-going shipping vessels, Halogen’s patented technology uses no membranes, no reagents, and is impervious to changes in flow or pressure. Our amperometric chlorine sensors are well suited for nearly any water testing need, from Ballast Water to Drinking Water, and can be used in a wide variety of installation types, from direct-pipe insertions, to side-stream testing boards, or even submerged in a tank. 

Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) designers appreciate the reliability, accuracy, and flexibility they get from a system using Halogen’s TRO sensors. As with all Halogen sensors, the TRO™ line needs no reagents or membranes and is unaffected by flow or pressure. In addition, Halogen TRO™ calibrations last for months. Truly, the TRO family is the perfect fit for the difficult operating environment of BWMS. [Find Out More]

Drinking Water plant operators that use Halogen’s MP5™ in their workflows can’t stop talking about their water savings. But they reduce their operating costs at the same time. With no reagents or membranes to buy and replace, no flow-control plumbing to install or maintain, no waste stream to manage, and with calibrations that are stable for months, a plant can scale down both consumables and man-hours expenses. [Find Out More]

Based on technology developed for testing Ballast Water Management Systems in Ocean-going Shipping Vessels, Halogen’s MP5™ is well suited for the difficult environments of Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation. With no membranes or reagents to replace and retaining calibration for months, the MP5™ is a simple choice for many engineers and plant operators who value long-term accuracy, durability, and reliability. [Find Out More]