HSI Chlorine Analyzers FAQ

Engineers and Chiefs Want to Know:

We often get the same questions about our chlorine analyzer’s due to their unique nature and claims we make about their accuracy and low maintenance requirements. Here are just a few common questions we get and their answers (click the header to find the answer):

Our amperometric chlorine sensor should last the life of the system. No maintenance is usually necessary. In the event of abuse, the sensor may be reconditioned by simply repolishing it.

The sensor measures five parameters: Chlorine, pH, ORP (oxidation reduction potential), Salinity, and Temperature every 50 seconds.

We recommend a calibration check every 60 days and a pH calibration check every year. Recommended replacement of wear parts for the pH sensors is every two years.
Yes. It will measure accurately from 200 µS to fully marine seawater, typically 45 mS (34 PSU). It will likewise measure accurately in waters with a pH of 6.5 to 9.
While the pH of seawater does not change much, in brackish or freshwater, the pH can change drastically from 6.5 to 9.0.
Usually, the ORP measurement technique is different than a convention dedicated ORP unit. It could vary by as much as 50 mV but should provide qualitative readings comparable to a dedicated system. It is not subject to poisoning and will respond faster to changes in some cases.
Halogen uses a unique pH cartridge in its sensor system. The pH cartridge can withstand 10 bar to -0.7 bar pressures and rapidly wets if allowed to dry out. Once reimmersed in water, the sensor’s accuracy restores in less than 3 minutes. Typically it does not require recalibration for a year or more, and the cartridge only needs replacing every two years.
Yes. AATEX/IECEx and the Non-Hazardous versions are both Type Approved by the Korean Registry of Shipping (KR)

Environmental Benefits & Testing

Our chlorine sensors have been designed and engineered with the environment in mind.

Our products are in compliance with:

  • LR Rule
  • DNV 2.4
  • Tests included
  • Vibration
  • Susceptibility
  • EMI
  • Temp & Humidity Cycling

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