Halogen MP5 More Accurate Than Hach CL10 - San Jose Water

The Report Details


San Jose Water (SJW) required an accurate, low-maintenance sensor for continuous chlorine monitoring. The existing equipment required constant calibration and maintenance, and it suffered deviation at low residual concentrations. Operators decided to trial the Halogen MP5™ against the Hach CLT-10. For the test, SJW deployed a Halogen MP5™ and a Hach CLT10 in a 2.37 MG potable water reservoir, then compared measurements from both to grab samples from a Hach SL1000. Test notes state that the MP5™ was a plug-and-play install, matching the SL1000 after a 3day burn-in.

The REsults

SJW’s test reports: “Over the course of the trial, the Halogen analyzer outperformed the Hach CLT10 analyzer. The average percent accuracy when compared to grab samples was 87% for the Hach CLT10 and 93% for the Halogen analyzer.” (Italics ours). See the graph above for more details.

This test confirms what many operators have discovered in real-world experience. The Halogen MP5™ is an accurate online chlorine analyzer that provides additional parameters and stable calibrations for long time periods while reducing maintenance headaches. 

The TakeAway

Contact Halogen today to see how the MP5™ online chlorine analyzer and multi-parameter sensor can provide accuracy, stability, and low maintenance to your water monitoring workflow.

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