Flow independent operation

Our Chlorine sensor is unaffected by flow velocity changes from 0 to 12 f/s. (HSI 06, 2020). This sensor style has an integrated pump, which uses a long-life brushless motor to deliver a fixed velocity across the electrodes, creating flow independence. The high-velocity flow across the electrodes improves sensitivity and the Signal to Noise Ratio.

  • Provides internal flow within sensor using a magnetic pump
  • Agitates plastic balls that continuously clean the electrodes
  • Long-life Brushless DC Motor 

measuring principle

HOCl + H+ + 2e- --> Cl- + H2O

WE = Working Electrode / RE = Reference Electrode / CE = Counter Electrode 

Chlorine Sensor for Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Drinking-water distribution systems present several challenges for residual chlorine monitoring. Below is a list of some characteristics of HSI’s new sensor based on its Seawater Platform:

  • Low cost of operation
  • Long-term unattended operation
  • Operation and accuracy at varying flow rates
  • No discharge of reagents or a waste stream
  • Reliable performance
  • Connection to a SCADA system
  • Hot Tap Installation for immersion into a pipe
  • Life-time chlorine sensor
  • A long interval between calibrations
  • Differential pH sensor ( with 2 to 3-year life)
  • Low initial cost
Self-Cleaning Amperometric Chlorine Sensor

The Only Self-Cleaning TRO Sensor

An electrochemical cleaning method resists polarization and adsorption of organics. Cleaning beads continuously clean the sensor and keeps the electrode surfaces, including the pH sensor, free from hardness build-up and biofouling. Solid metal electrodes last the life of the system.

  • Provides internal flow within sensor using a magnetic pump
  • Agitates plastic balls continuously cleaning the electrodes
  • Long-life Brushless DC Motor

Robust pH Sensor

  • Our pH sensor is the only commercially available (non-ISFET) pH sensor that does not require wet storage
  • It is the only pH sensor that can withstand -0.7 bar and 10 bar
  • The sensor wets rapidly and is accurate within 2 minutes
  • The self-cleaning system also keeps the pH sensor clean 

Halogen Patents

Halogen Systems has extensive experience in the water treatment field and received over 26 patents on its innovative bromine and chlorine generator designs and novel sensor systems.

Pending Patents:
  • EU (Germany)
  • China
  • Korea
  • US
Recent Patents on Sensor Technology:
US 8,298,391 B2
October 30, 2012
US 8,881,581 B2
November 11, 2014
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