Commercial Cooling Tower
Chlorine Analyzer

Low-Maintenance, Online, Near-time Chlorine Sensor

The technology of Halogen’s MP5™ chlorine analyzer allows operators and engineers to create monitoring solutions that solve longstanding issues.

Monitoring residuals in commercial cooling tower applications is not an easy problem. Many systems operate at high cycles of concentration due to the conductivity and hardness found in water. To slow the formation of build-up, many operators use film-forming corrosion inhibitors. The resulting organic contaminants make it difficult to read chlorine levels in the system’s water. HSI’s MP5™  chlorine sensor is ideally suited for these challenging applications. Not only can it measure chlorine OR bromine, but the SensiCLĒNE™ technology cleans the electrodes continuously to prevent film build-up.

Halogen’s MP5™ is well suited for monitoring cooling towers in open- or closed-loop systems, as well as closed-circuit systems. Just one MP5™ can monitor free chlorine, pH, temperature, conductivity, and ORP. Because the MP5™ is unaffected by turbidity, flow, or pressure, it can be placed inside a closed loop, in a dead leg, or near an intake or discharge valve.

The MP5™is compact, sturdy, and does not use membranes, electrolyte, or reagents. Unlike the older technologies used in other amperometric sensors, the MP5™ analyzer is self-cleaning and unaffected by changes in flow, pressure, or temperature. It also automatically compensates for changes in pH and doesn’t lose calibration if dried out.

Solve Cooling Tower Water Monitoring Problems with the MP5™

Halogen Systems remote telemetry kit for MP5™ Chlorine sensors

Track the important data remotely

Halogen’s MP5™ measures Chlorine or Bromine, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, and RapidResponse ORP in one compact online near-time unit. A cellular-enabled off-grid remote telemetry option is available.

Monitor at the Source

Because the MP5™ can operate in the main flow pipe at pressures from 0-147psi (10 bar) and can generate its own flow, operators can know the current condition of water in the pipe in near-time, even when the water isn’t moving.

Halogen MP5 Chlorine Sensor NSF-61 Unaffected by flow and pressure

Stable Calibrations

The MP5™ arrives factory calibrated, stabilizes in minutes, and maintains calibration for months in most potable water applications. Changes in flow, pressure, or temperature — even annual maintenance — will not affect calibration.

Amperometric Sensors With Patented Technology to Modernize Your Testing

Bare Electrode Sensor

Amperometric Sensors have many advantages over the older membrane and reagent technology.  Halogen’s implementation of bare 3-electrode amperometric technology provides pH-stabilized precise measurements of Free Chlorine without introducing additional complexity to your workflow.

Self Cleaning

The old amperometric technology used by competitor sensors still requires a membrane and electrolyte to guard against sensor fouling. Such membranes are sensitive to flow and pressure spikes. Halogen’s patented SensiCLĒNE™ technology prevents fouling without introducing pressure or flow sensitivity.


Kit with flow-cell deployment (MKIT) and display controller along with a wall mounting plate,  provides a drop-in upfit sensor replacement.

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Battery power and remote telemetry for an MP5™ deployment. Use for outer grid monitoring, dead-ends, or other remote implementations.

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Leverage the dependability and low maintenance of the MP5™ for remote tank monitoring with battery power and remote telemetry.

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Retractable remover kit for MP5™ wet-tap analyzer (H1WT-P) in water pipes allows for maintenance without interrupting flows.

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This deployment uses a water-proofed low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P), a sourced boom and harness, or can simply be placed in a tank or trough.

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Combine a mid-flange MP5™ (H1MF-P) with an adapter sleeve—in PVC or Stainless steel—sized for deployments in a 2″ PVC tee.

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Fits low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P) and adapts for side stream and control board usage based on which flow cell type  is ordered. 

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Both 24V DC (DC20-L) and 120-240V AC (DC20-H) versions feature (4) 4-20 mA analog outputs, and an M-12 Connector, 3 relays, SD card. 

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