Drinking Water Amperometric Chlorine Sensor

Features & Benefits:

Many Installation Configurations

The Halogen MP5-A amperometric chlorine sensor can be installed in locations that are impossible for other sensors. It is designed for low maintenance, with six-month or more service intervals and zero water waste, potentially saving up to 70,000 gallons of water per year.

These features are exclusive to the Halogen MP5-A, setting it apart from all other sensors in the market.

Cellular/Battery Options

Highest Accuracy

MP5-A chlorine reading is accurate over a wide range of temperature, pH, and conductivity conditions; It is accurate within ±4% over 6.5 to 8.5 pH (9.5 ±10%), and chlorine measurement up to 20 ppm1.

1 Value1 derived from 9 sensors calibrated at a single point: pH 8.0 and chlorine level of 1.25 ppm at 2,700 µS and 20°C

NSF61 Certified - No Waste Stream

MP5-A is rated for drinking water exposure and can be installed directly in a pipe. This results in enormous water savings of over 70,000 gallons per year per sensor.

No Reagents, No Membrane

MP5-A is reagentless saving thousands of dollars over its lifetime. There is no need for monthly reagent or pump tubing changes, and no waste stream or chemicals are needed.

6 Months, No Maintenance

MP5-A does not require frequent calibration like membrane chlorine sensors. It can operate unattended for 6 months or more. Variables that cause other sensors to go out of calibration do not affect MP5-A.

5 Parameters On 1 Sensor

MP5-A provides operators with 5 critical water parameters every minute. It measures free chlorine, pH, conductivity, temperature, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Factory Calibrated

Our sensors often read accurately right out of the box and won’t need expensive service contracts. Spares can be kept on the shelf and swapped out if necessary.

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More Advantages:


All electrodes are continuously cleaned and polished with cleaning beads. These beads also clean the pH sensor, which means the sensor does not require frequent calibration, cleaning, or service. This self-cleaning module makes each parameter “best in class” in reliability and accuracy.

Halogen MP5 Chlorine Sensor NSF-61 Unaffected by flow and pressure

Flow Independent

Since this chlorine sensor is unaffected by flow changes, it stays in calibration and can be installed virtually anywhere in your process. It does not require complete flow chambers or drains to waste.

D20 Controller

The Halogen D20 controller displays all 5 parameters on its graphic display. An integrated SD card records log files and enables reprogramming of both the sensor and controller. Two control relays can be used for operating chemical pumps and an alarm relay can be used for warnings. An optional cellular modem connects to the Cloud.x

MP5™ retractable wet-tap chlorine monitor with dual-drive removal adapter

High Pressure Remover

A Wet Tap sensor and remover assembly enable installation with a Corp Stop valve and conventional wet tapping equipment. Sensors can be installed in problem areas or dead ends to provide an early warning of an upset, equipment malfunction, or the need for flushing.

Easy Install Side Stream Panel Mount

The MKIT panel is a complete solution. Just mount it on the wall, plug it in, and connect the tubing to your process.

Immersions Mount for Remote Tanks

Since flow is not required, it is ideal for remote tanks or clear wells. Unlike membrane sensors, the sensor reads zero chlorine and responds when chlorine returns without a memory.

Amperometric Sensors With Patented Technology to Modernize Your Testing

Add Accuracy and Simplicity While Lowering Your Maintenance Costs

Plant operators know exactly how much money gets spent on membranes,  reagents and electrolyte. What might be less clear is how much time the team spends on maintenance and subsequent calibrations on existing old-tech sensors. Those man-hours add up fast. In contrast, the MP5™ arrives factory-calibrated and stabilizes within 5 minutes of installation. Not only are there no membranes, reagents or electrolyte, there’s no monthly maintenance. Plants have seen calibrations last many months. That sort of simplicity goes straight to the bottom line.

Online Chlorine Analyzer Report - Orange County Florida (OCFL)

Orange Co, Florida Pilot Program Results

The operators and staff in this program were pleasantly surprised at just how little maintenance has been needed. “Sensor calibration is performed initially and has not been required in over six months…manpower savings are … an estimated savings of 2,080 man-hours per year for five sensors.” <read more>

Technology forged in the harshest environments. Now ready for yours.​

With patented tech created to solve the environmental impact issues dogging the maritime shipping industry, Halogen has created a solution that solves problems many wastewater plant operators had written off as “the way things are”. The Halogen MP5™ is designed to let those same operators work within a new paradigm.