Product Applications

Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer

Ballast Water Sensor (BWMS)

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Halogen Systems has a unique patented multi parameter sensor for BWMS treatment. It measures TRO, Temperature ORP and salinity.

  • Fast Response
  • Direct pipe insertion
  • No sampling pumps
  • No waste stream
  • No water lines
  • No reagents
  • No membrane
  • Multi-Parameter Sensor
  • Measures – TRO / Tempperature ORP / Salinity

NSF 61 Chlorine Sensor - Drinking Water Components

Municipal Drinking Water

Halogen Systems has found a better way to monitor chlorine in drinking water:

We now have a new 5 parameter sensor with 3 electrode amperometric chlorine measurement. It does not require the use or reagents, membranes, or electrolyte.  It is self-cleaning and flow independent.

Wastewater Monitoring

WasteWater Treatment Plants

Halogen Systems features a five-parameter sensor with three electrodes for accurate amperometric chlorine measurement. Our goal was to accurately measure free chlorine without using reagents, membranes, electrolyte, or a waste stream.