Offshore Windfarms Benefit from HSI's Chlorine Analyzer Technology

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Chlorine sensors manufacturer Halogen Systems announced it recently shipped its first batch of chlorine analyzers to be installed in offshore wind farms. The sensors, designed to measure the residual chlorine levels in seawater cooling systems, will help to prevent the growth of marine organisms that can prevent cooling systems from operating efficiently.

Biofouling is a major challenge for the offshore wind industry as it can reduce heat transfer and power output. It also increases maintenance and operational costs. Seawater chlorination is a widely used method to prevent biofouling. However, it requires careful monitoring and control to ensure the optimal chlorine dosage to minimize the environmental impact.

Halogen said its chlorine sensors are based on a patented electrochemical technology and offer high accuracy, reliability, and durability in harsh seawater conditions. The manufacturer noted that the sensors can be easily integrated with the existing chlorination systems and provide real-time feedback and control, adding the sensors also have a long service life, making them ideal for offshore applications.

Halogen’s president, Michael Silveri, said, “We are very proud to be part of this innovative project that will contribute to the transition to renewable energy sources. Our chlorine sensors will help ensure the offshore wind turbines’ optimal performance and longevity while protecting the marine environment. It is another great example of how our technology can provide solutions for various industries and applications.”