Below is our news release for our new Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer.  We have appointed HASK LLC to represent us for the entire state of Florida.  We are excited about our unique chlorine sensors and are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach…

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For Immediate Release
August 4, 2021

New Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer —
Possible Savings of up to 69,000 Gallons of Water Annually Now Available in Florida

Incline Village, Nevada: Halogen Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of amperometric and membrane-free chlorine sensors, announces the appointment of HASK LLC to represent sales of its products in the state of Florida.

Michael Silveri, President of Halogen Systems Inc., and Chris Hill, President of HASK LLC, have just signed a contractual agreement. This agreement empowers HASK to seek out new business and increase market share within the municipal water treatment market of Florida for Halogen Systems.

Michael Silveri, the President of Halogen Systems Inc., says: “Expanding our offerings outside of the Ballast Water Treatment market and into Drinking and Wastewater, starting with the Florida market, is an important part of our company’s growth strategy. I am happy to have connected with HASK. Their extensive market knowledge, technical skills, and customer service are exceptional. We are excited about our agreement of cooperation and look forward to collaborating with them to serve municipal and industrial customers throughout the entire state of Florida.”

Chris Hill of HASK says, “The Halogen MP5 sensor is a game-changer in municipal water treatment for both Wastewater and Drinking water. It measures five parameters, is not affected by flow, and is self-cleaning. We are very excited about our relationship and expect it to be rewarding not only for us but, most importantly, the customers.”

Jason Erskine, Sales Manager of HASK, says, “Our customers appreciate all of the Halogen MP5’s benefits. This sensor is easily installed, has a small footprint, accurately reads within minutes, and requires no maintenance.  Giving the operator of the plant more time to focus on other important matters. We now have several of these installed, making point-to-point measurements against their DPD installed base.” 


HASK LLC is an independent representative that serves municipal customers in Florida with many high-quality products from several manufacturers. HASK’s areas of municipal expertise include wastewater, surface water, source, raw, and drinking water. It also offers onsite support, training, and service for the products it sells.

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About Halogen Systems Inc.:

Halogen Systems Inc. manufactures amperometric chlorine analyzers for a variety of applications. One application is for Ballast Water Treatment Systems. Its purpose is to help the shipping industry combat the transfer of invasive species in ballast water used in cargo vessels. Halogen Systems Inc. has delivered over 2,000 sensors for onboard use since 2014. It is the only DNV Type Approved amperometric chlorine sensor for this application. In 2021, Halogen Systems Inc. released its drinking water and wastewater sensors for municipal water treatment. It is the only chlorine sensor available that does not require a waste stream. The NSF61 sensor is capable of being directly inserted into a water plant piping system. This new sensor can result in up to 69,000 gallons of water being conserved annually per sensor. 

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