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Simple Design

Rapidly measures both TRO and salinity and is installed directly in the ballast pipe, drinking water pipe, dropped into a water tank, or virtually any other application. Our simple design requires less maintenance, works in all salinities and does not use reagents or membranes.

Cutting Edge Technology

Halogen’s Multi-parameter Sensors flexibility allows for a wide variety of applications with minimal modifications.  It is the only “flow-independent” sensor on the market.  It is also the only sensor that carries the equivalent of a NSF61 certification for drinking water applications.

“Although we have already delivered over 2,000 sensors for BWMS, having a DNV GL type approval on our Amperometric TRO sensor for hazardous or non-hazardous locations is excellent news.  Additionally its performance has already been evaluated by the Alliance for Coastal Technologies.  They found our sensor to perform the same or better than the more costly and maintenance prone traditional DPD method.”

– President of Halgen Systems, Michael Silveri  

Quality Assurance Approvals & Testing

We have met and exceeded all expectations.  See the results for yourself…

A Sensor that withstands seawater

Our reliable sensors are flow independent, self-cleaning, biofouling resistant, reagent free, and much more…


Ballast Water Application

“We have done extensive testing of this unit and found it to be a robust marine grade field device. We like that the unit mounts right into the ballast water pipe. This avoids sample tubes, sample pumps, and reagents. Looking forward to seeing this on many marine vessels and ballast water treatment systems.

- Kevin Reynolds - Managing Director of OneTank​

Wastewater Application

"Wastewater treatment plant operators should talk notice of this new option. This new technology can save many man-hours, improve processes, and reduce cost, both CAPEX and OPEX, for plants, We believe that this technology is a huge leap frorward."

- Antonio Thompson - Chief Operator Iron Bridge Regional WRF With of Orlando, Florida​

Municipal Water Application

“Our eight plants waste almost 4 million gallons of water per year since all other sensors are not certified for drinking water exposure….We plan to use [the Halogen MP5] NSF 61 certified sensor to create a more streamlined sample/testing station where nothing goes down the drain.”

— R. Taylor, Class A Operator Orlando Water Authority


Accurate In All Waters

Measures five parameters compensating for changes in salinity

Measures Chlorine (TRO), ORP, Conductivity, Temperature, pH

Highly integrated chlorine sensor costs dramatically less than traditional discrete sensors

No Membranes or Reagents

Bare electrodes eliminating the need for DPD Reagents.


Electrodes are self-cleaning

Flow Independent Measurement

It is the only flow independent amperometric sensor

Direct Pipe Installation for Fast Response

Installs directly in a ballast pipe reports TRO levels in as little as 50 seconds.