One Sensor Saves 69,000 Gallons Per Year

An excellent overview from H2O Global News details how Halogens MP5™ sensor for drinking water saves 69,000 gallons of treated water per year per sensor. These savings gives incredible benefits to operators in areas under water restrictions. The article has a short background on the development of both the amperometric sensor and the patented self-cleaning system Halogen created to reduce required maintenance to a quick quarterly event—even in demanding environments like Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) in ocean shipping vessels as well as Wastewater Reclamation Plants.

The Halogen MP5™ sensor measures 5 parameters: chlorine, pH, conductivity, temperature, and ORP in near real-time without reagents or membranes.

H20 Global News has kindly allowed us to share a PDF of the article.