Legionella and Cruise Ship Water Monitoring

Cruise Ships Have a Potable Water Problem Legionella is easily introduced and hard to kill in cruise ship potable water systems. The warning letter sent by the FDA to a cruise line operator (Jan 24, 2023) is being treated as a shot across the bow for the entire Cruise Travel industry. Legionella was found in potable water samples within passenger and crew cabin shower heads, galley faucet aerators, potable water

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Air Travel & Potable Water Problems – Our Chlorine Analyzer Can Help

Air Travel has a Potable Water Problem Contamination Issues in Onboard Drinking Water are a Cause for Concern “Never drink any water onboard that isn’t in a sealed bottle, do not drink coffee or tea onboard, and do not wash your hands in the bathroom…” 2019 Airline Water Study The Air Travel Industry needs better solutions for potable water quality analysis. Sensors that rely on membranes and reagents plus manual

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Halogen MP5™ wet-tap online chlorine sensor, certified fro NSF-61 installations in drinking water pipes.

Online Water Quality Monitoring (OWQM) You Can Count On

Online Water Quality Monitoring (OWQM) You Can Count On The Halogen Systems MP5™ Online Chlorine Analyzer Brings Accurate Readings, Stable Calibrations, and Low Maintenance Halogen’s MP5™ online chlorine analyzer set a new industry standard for continuous online water quality monitoring. The MP5™ is approved for NSF-61 use and measures five parameters simultaneously. By combining a pH analyzer, ORP analyzer, and conductivity analyzer, the unit is able to capture an accurate

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WE&T Article: Amperometric Sensors Explained

Get educated in the Amperometric Sensor Technology innovation. Learn about the different styles and their relative advantages in a Feature Article of WEF’s (Water Environment Technology) journal in the March 2022 Issue. In this informative feature, Michael Silveri, founder of Halogen Systems Inc. (HSI), explains the technology and how operators use it to save money, time, and water while gaining accuracy and longevity. WEF has kindly allowed us to share

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NSF 61 Certification Equivalent

Halogen’s Drinking Water Sensor, the MP5™, is now the only chlorine sensor awarded NSF 61 certification for installation directly in a drinking water line. The MP5™ is a compact sensor that measures free chlorine, pH, Conductivity, and Temperature. No waste stream is required saving tens of thousands of gallons of water per sensor per year. The MP5™ does not use any membrane, reagent, or electrolytes, reducing operating costs and maintenance

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Halogen MP5 Stainless NSF-61 Amperometric Chlorine Sensor lineup

Halogen Systems Inc. Chlorine Analyzer – News Release

Below is our news release for our new Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer.  We have appointed HASK LLC to represent us for the entire state of Florida.  We are excited about our unique chlorine sensors and are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach… Contact: Michael Silveri Phone: + 01 (775) 832-0495 Email: info@halogensys.com Websites:  HalogenSys.com NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release August 4, 2021 — New Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer — Possible

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