Chlorine Analyzer For
Water Reuse & Recycling

MP5™ Chlorine Sensor for Water Reuse Programs

The Halogen MP5™ chlorine analyzer detects multiple parameters useful in monitoring wastewater reuse and can operate even in pipes with high turbidity and pH. 

Wastewater reuse and recycling is quickly becoming an important part of municipal water-management strategies. Whatever the system, disinfecting recovered water, then monitoring residuals is critical.

The self-cleaning amperometric technology in the MP5™ chlorine sensor allows for in-flow deployments in various parts of a recycling and reuse system. It tolerates turbidity, variable flows, and pH changes, all while detecting 5 important parameters of water quality: free chlorine, pH, temperature, conductivity, and ORP. In addition, the MP5™ analyzer needs no flow-control piping or waste line (even in potable water applications), so won’t waste any of the water for testing.

Stable calibrations & near-zero maintenance make the MP5™ Chlorine sensor a good choice for monitoring Chlorine Levels.


Amperometric Technology Benefits

Halogen’s patented self-cleaning amperometric chlorine sensors are unaffected by temperature, flow, or turbidity, and measure 5 parameters in one unit, making them well-suited for monitoring reuse and recycling systems.

Flexible Installation Options

Monitor residual chlorine throughout the system thanks to the small footprint and flexible deployment options of the MP5™. Operators can install it as a wet-tap (in-pipe), in a PVC Tee, or simply submerged in a tank.

Halogen Systems remote telemetry kit for MP5™ Chlorine sensors

Remote Monitoring Options

The MP5™ can be used for in-building near-time online reporting or for remote applications. with off-grid power and cellular-enabled telemetry options.  Either way, operators appreciate the MP5™ for low-maintenance and stable calibrations.

Amperometric Chlorine Sensors With Patented Technology to Modernize Your Testing

Bare Electrode Sensor

Amperometric Sensors have many advantages over the older membrane and reagent technology.  Halogen’s implementation of bare 3-electrode amperometric technology provides pH-stabilized measurements of Free Chlorine without introducing additional complexity to your workflow.

Self Cleaning

The old amperometric technology used by competitor sensors still requires a membrane and electrolyte to guard against sensor fouling. Such membranes are sensitive to flow and pressure spikes. Halogen’s patented SensiCLĒNE™ technology prevents fouling without introducing pressure or flow sensitivity.


Kit with flow-cell deployment (MKIT) and display controller along with a wall mounting plate,  provides a drop-in upfit sensor replacement.

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Battery power and remote telemetry for an MP5™ deployment. Use for outer grid monitoring, dead-ends, or other remote implementations.

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Leverage the dependability and low maintenance of the MP5™ for remote tank monitoring with battery power and remote telemetry.

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Retractable remover kit for MP5™ wet-tap analyzer (H1WT-P) in water pipes allows for maintenance without interrupting flows.

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This deployment uses a water-proofed low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P), a sourced boom and harness, or can simply be placed in a tank or trough.

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Combine a mid-flange MP5™ (H1MF-P) with an adapter sleeve—in PVC or Stainless steel—sized for deployments in a 2″ PVC tee.

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Fits low-flange MP5™ (H1LF-P) and adapts for side stream and control board usage based on which flow cell type  is ordered. 

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Both 24V DC (DC20-L) and 120-240V AC (DC20-H) versions feature (4) 4-20 mA analog outputs, and an M-12 Connector, 3 relays, SD card. 

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