MP6™ Monochloramine Analyzer

The Halogen MP6™ (NSF-61 Certified and EPA Method 334.0 compliant) is a massive breakthrough for water utilities. Based on the same platform as the MP5™, the MP6™ is unaffected by flow or pressure and needs no waste stream, allowing for many different installation and monitoring applications.

“In 40 years of Drinking Water plant experience, I have never seen anything as impressive as the MP5™. The flexibility, functionality, and stability are unmatched. Period.”  
– Drinking Water Systems Engineer

The New Standard in Amperometric Chlorine Sensors

NSF-61 Certified and EPA Method 334.0 compliant, Halogen’s MP5™ sensor sets a new standard for amperometric chlorine analyzers. Impervious to changes in flow or pressure and needing no waste stream, the MP5™ allows operators to use many different installation and monitoring alternatives.

It can be inserted directly into a pipe, installed in a PVC tee, immersed in a clearwell,  or simply dropped into a tank. An optional battery-powered package and existing telemetry options create the ultimate remote monitoring solution, allowing you to monitor dead ends, water quality hot spots, and water aging without wasting treated water.

See below for our standard packages. Custom packages tailored to environment/plant-specific needs are available.

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Multiple Sensors in One, Without Membranes, Reagents, or Increased Maintenance.

Old-Technology Sensors Are Costing You

No matter the process control, old-tech analyzers incur significant costs, weighing your budget down with flow control, tubing kits, membranes, reagents, and the time spent on maintenance and calibrations. The sooner the old tech is replaced, the faster savings are recouped.

Water treatment plant team

The MP5™ Reduces TCO

How much does it cost to run an MP5™ for a year? First-year operating costs are approximately $200. The unit arrives factory-calibrated, stabilizes in minutes, and holds calibration for many months. There are no membranes or reagents to buy and very little maintenance is required. 

Halogen Systems, Inc - MP5 NSF-61 Amperometric Chlorine Sensor lineup

Add Simplicity, Gain Flexibility

With no membranes or reagents to stock or replace, and no need for complicated flow-control piping or even waste lines, an MP5™ makes things easy.. Engineers and operators alike appreciate the flexible installation options, low maintenance requirements, and remarkable calibration stability.

Saves Water, Lowers Operating Costs, and Expands Installation Options

NSF-61 and EPA Method 334.0

The MP5™ is the only Chlorine Sensor certified for NSF-61 in-pipe installations for drinking water with no waste stream and is EPA Method 334.0 compliant. Drinking water plants can save millions of gallons of treated water per year with approved compliance monitoring and reporting. 

Reduced Operating Costs

After installation, the cost to run Halogen Equipment is a fraction of the average DPD or sensors using membranes and reagents. There’s no membrane or reagent to purchase and stock, no constant calibration required, and no complicated flow-control piping to maintain.

Complicated Control Board

Simple & Flexible Installations

The MP5™ has a small footprint, is flow independent, and is NSF-61 compliant. Operators can insert a sensor in a pipe or PVC tee, suspend it in a trough, or simply drop it in a tank. Remote monitoring kits further expand installation options so boards like the one above can be cleaned up and cleared out.

Configuration & Deployment Types

Wet Tap, Direct Monitoring

NSF-61 Direct Insertion Drinking Water Chlorine Sensor deployment

Monitor 5 parameters directly in drinking water pipes at flows from 0- 4m/s & up to 10 bar/150 psi. A retractor/removal tool is available (pictured at left). Wet Tap (or Hot Tap) housing can be deployed as a retractable NSF-61 in-pipe Chlorine analyzer.


Halogen MP5 Drinking Water Chlorine Sensor in PVC Tee Deployment

The mid-flange housing (H1MF-P) and the associated 2″ adapter sleeve and collar kit make for an easy sidestream NSF-61 PVC Tee deployment. This configuration fits an OTS 2” PVC Tee and requires a  threaded adapter (PT-01). 

Flow-cell & Submersible Options

Halogen MP5 amperometric chlorine sensor NSF-61 Submersion and Flow-cell deployments

The low-flange model (H1LF-P) adapts for sidestream monitoring and can replace an existing control-board-mounted sensor, or be submerged in clearwell. Optional Flow Cell kit.  Submersible deployments use a standard 1” PVC Boom Mount.