Ballast Water Treatment

Total residual oxidant sensor

Ballast Water Maintenance Systems

Only One On The Market

Flow Independant

Halogen Systems has a unique patented multi parameter sensor for BWMS treatment. It measures TRO, Temperature ORP and salinity

  • Fast Response
  • Direct pipe insertion
  • No sampling pumps
  • No waste stream
  • No water lines
  • No reagents
  • No membrane
  • Multi-Parameter Sensor
  • Measures – TRO / Temp. ORP / Salinity
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Hot Tap Flange

Direct Pipe Installation

The Hot Tap Flange valve allows sensor installation in the Ballast Pipe for fast response and lower installation costs at shipyard. No long sample lines, sampling pumps or sample filtration is needed.

  • Hot Tap Valve allows removal without draining ballast pipe
  • Fast response
  • Lower installation costs
Explosion Proof

IECEX Version

This Explosion Proof Chlorine Sensor is used for Hazardous locations. It has the IECEx Certificate for Group IIC Gases in Zone 1. The sensor measures both TRO and Salinity. It responds quickly- within 50 seconds. This sensor is used with a Display located in the Safe Area.

  • Hot Tap Flange Mounting
  • Direct Pipe Insertion
  • Group IIC Gases
  • Zone 1
  • IECEx Certificate
Replaces DPD Systems


The Side Stream unit is easy to install and service. It is not sensitive to pressure or flow and contains an integrated sampling port.

  • Can be used in place of DPD systems
  • Contains sampling port
  • Does not require flow control or pressure regulators
  • Easy to service
Local Display

Optional Display / Transmitter

  • Display-Transmitter provides local display of all parameters and sensor information
  • All indicators are displayed on one screen
  • Two to Four 4-20 mA outputs enable interface with a PLC
  • Modbus output