Commercial Swimming Pools.


How long will sensor last
The chlorine sensor should last the life of the system. No maintenance is usually necessary. It the event of abuse, it can be reconditioned by polishing.

How often does the sensor measure?
The sensor measures all five parameters Chlorine, pH, ORP, Salinity and Temperature every 50 seconds.

What are the scheduled maintenance requirements?
We recommend a calibration check be performed every 60 days and a pH calibration check every year. Wear parts and the pH sensors are replaced every two years.

Will the sensor work in fresh water?
Yes. It will measure accurately from 200 µS up to fully marine seawater 45 mS (34 PSU). It will likewise measure accurately in waters with a pH of 6.5 to 9.

Why does the sensor measure pH?
While pH of seawater does not change much, in brackish or freshwater, the pH can change drastically from 6.5 to 9.0.

How is HSI’s Fast Response ORP Different from typical discrete ORP?
Usually. HSI's ORP measurement technique is different than a convention dedicated ORP unit. It could vary by as much as 50 mV but should provide qualitative readings comparable to a dedicated unit. It is not subject to poisoning and will respond faster to changes in some cases.

How is Halogens pH sensor unique?
Halogen uses a unique pH cartridge in its sensor system. The pH cartridge can withstand 10 bar to -0.7 bar pressures and rapidly wets if allowed to dry out. Accuracy is restored within 3 minutes. The pH electrode is only one available with these specifications. It does not require calibration for a year or more. Cartridges are replaced every two years.

Is the Sensor Type Approved?
Yes. Both the ATEX/IECEx and the Non-Hazardous versions are Type Approved by the Korean Registry of Shipping (KR).